Interventions For Executives 

It’s not surprising to find an employee or executive who is excellent at work struggling with drug addiction or alcohol problems hence the need for executive intervention. Typically, executive interventions that are held in professional environments have a high probability of success.

Talented employees aren't immune to the problem of drug addiction, and sometimes, this may have a negative impact on their overall performance in the workplace. Instead of firing a valuable employee due to drug addiction, it makes sense to try and solve the problem internally and encourage him/her to seek necessary professional help.

The fact remains that it’s costlier to replace an executive member who has contributed significantly to the overall success of the company. Executive intervention seeks to solve such problems, and it is a proven intervention technique for helping employees who are on the downward trend to help them get on the path to recovery.

Help Bring Back the Employee that You Interviewed and Hired

Most companies tend to find themselves in a precarious position when dealing with a valuable employee who is struggling with drug addiction. In most cases, such employees are already beyond the influence of their family members. Addiction can have a profound impact on the employee’s ability to carry out their responsibilities in the workplace as expected.

Although executive intervention is a proven method, it requires proper planning and a calculated approach that will not have far-reaching implication on the business if it fails. You need to consider both public relations and legal aspects before the process commences.

You Should Be Guided By an Objective & Experienced Outside Professional

The primary goal of the executive intervention is to get the addict to enter into treatment. Feel free to invite different participants to attend the executive intervention session so that they can express their concerns for the struggling executive and show their sincere support.

Since most of the executive employees who are faced with this problem tend to live in denial, it will require honest feedback of some of the trusted colleagues to convince him/her that they is a problem that needs to be addressed if he/she is to remain productive.

Planning for an Executive Intervention Session

 Just like any other type of intervention, planning remains the key to a successful executive intervention session. Some of the critical things that you need to deliberate on include;

  • An appropriate venue where the intervention forum will be held
  • A professional consultant needs to be hired to take charge of the entire process
  • You need to come up with an elaborate plan for the future of the employee

Don’t underestimate the need for a professional interventionist since he/she brings vast experience that is essential to give the employee the best chance of success. While executive inventions are not always 100percent successful, working with an expert will increase the probability of success.

An executive intervention forum is different from a family intervention forum since all the issues raised and discussed are work-related. The intervention offers a win-win situation is a livelihood is also on the line. However, you need to be prepared for any scenario that might come up during the intervention to keep the executive intervention moving in a positive direction.

Executive Intervention Offers a Safe and Caring Way to Get Your Workmate Help

Executive intervention offers you a proactive way to work through a personal problem that affects your colleague. Given the costs associated with losing a valuable employee, the company should recognize the need to tackle the problem in the most effective way. The first step is hiring a professional consultant with the right experience to help you prepare for the intervention.

We shall guide, educate, and prepare you for the executive intervention process. The only thing you need to do is contact us today and brief us about your situation. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you help your workmate who may be a drug addict.