Free Addiction Interventions

If your loved one is in need of help, but you are having a hard time covering the cost of an intervention, there may be hope.  Many addiction interventionist will offer a free intervention to those that qualify.  There are also services that offer to cover the cost of the intervention for you, based on qualifications. Finally, there are small loans given out by addiction loan companies that can help as well. 

Getting a free intervention is all focused around the ability to enter an inpatient recovery center once the individual agrees to treatment. Normally, this requires private PPO insurance to cover the costs.  If the loved one battling addiction is covered through a private PPO insurance policy, there is a 80% chance that they can get an intervention for free. 

To find out if your loved on qualifies, simply call the number below.  Let the addiction specialist know that you are calling to perform a "Insurance Verification" to see if you qualify for a free intervention. Once the verification is completed (about 3 hours) you will get a call from an interventionist to set up a phone meeting. 

Many times, the free intervention will be performed over the phone.  However, based on the information you provide your interventionist, they may need to fly out to perform an in-person intervention.  If this is the case, the added costs will be covered by a third party advocacy group.  They provide free interventions to those around the country every day and are here to help in anyway they can. 

In the end, money should never be a reason to not get a loved one healthy and sober.  This is why there are many groups we work with that will help cover costs to get your loved one into treatment free of charge.  If you are interested in a free intervention, please contact us at the number below and perform an insurance verficiation.