Intervention Timing - It is Never Easy

Is There Ever a "Good" Time to Stage an Intervention?

If you have a family member who is abusing drugs or alcohol, you've no doubt already had several heartfelt conversations with him (or her) about quitting. More than likely, these heartfelt conversations have been to no avail because denial is part of the nature of the addiction beast. If you are thinking about involving some professional help and other family members to stage an intervention, you likely wonder how this is going to be received by the addict and also how it will affect your family.

It's normal to have concerns about how an intervention will disrupt your family. You or the addict may think right now is not a good time for treatment because of a job, school, or financial concerns. But you must recognize that your family and finances have already been disrupted by addiction and as the disease progresses, it becomes more likely he will lose his job or drop out of school, among many other possible disruptions. The addict is likely in denial about his addiction and its impact on his life, so it's essential for at least you to step out and stay of denial of the reality of this devastating situation on the addict and your family.

Sometimes, family members fear the addict may harm himself or others if confronted with an intervention. He may have a history of mental illness, or have displayed destructive or violent tendencies in the past. If this is the case, utilizing the services of an intervention specialist can help you determine a plan of action for the best and safest outcome. You do not eliminate the possibility of the addict harming himself or others by avoiding an intervention; instead, it's more likely to happen as the addiction intensifies.

If your loved one had an illness like an aggressive cancer, or a heart attack, you wouldn't suggest delaying surgery until a more convenient time. You would understand this situation is a crisis that requires attention now. Immediate addiction treatment is necessary and the sooner it happens, the better the chances are for a full recovery and for life to return to normal for the addict and your family.

Intervention is often precipitated by some crisis caused by the addict. It could be an accident or dangerous overdose. Death is a real possibility as a result of alcoholism or drug addiction. If you are at the point of considering an intervention, the problem already requires serious attention. The sooner an intervention takes place, the sooner healing can occur for the addict and his family.

Don't wait any longer to seek an intervention. Contact an addiction intervention specialist today for help.