Ken Seeley - Interventionist


Kenneth Raymond Seeley, born in October 25, 1962 is best known for his interventionist and authoring works. His journey of recovery from substance abuse started 25 years ago. At that time, he was working in Monrovia. Noticing that he appeared to be getting very thin and unhealthy, his employer fired him. The loss of his job served as an eye-opener to Seely. He realized that he had to change something to improve his health. However, he only thought of going to treatment as he needed a break to help him device new ways of selling drugs. Contrary to his expectation, being in treatment helped him realize that drugs were not doing him any good. He became sober on July 14, 1989. This meant giving up the use of meth, alcohol, acid, mushrooms, black beauties, and mescaline.

He then found employment at a call center for a Laguna Beach Treatment Center. During that time, he got to talk to many people trying to get their loved ones in treatment. The compassion and desire to do more for these families pushed him to consider being an interventionist. He sought advice about it and got college training for it.

In 2001, he finally started his own intervention company. As an interventionist, Seely has done so many interventions through intervention 911 method. This method starts with a pre-intervention meeting with the family of the person struggling with addiction in order to find out how they can contribute to the well-being of their loved one. When the person suffering from addiction finally comes in, the family members all know what to do and say. Realizing that intervention is not all it takes to completely recover, intervention 911 started the RAP program in 2008. This program offers people with addiction and their families support for one to five years as they go through the recovery process.

Seely made a lot of impact by his appearances on the A&E reality TV show. Through the show, he has been able to raise more awareness on the importance of intervention and why it is important to have some help during the recovery process.

In 2009, he wrote the book ‘Face it and fix it’. The book targets people dealing with addiction afflictions. It offers insight on how they can successfully overcome denial which is the first symptom of addiction. He explains that being in denial keeps people with addiction from getting the help they need. The book is meant to help people struggling with addiction and their loved ones to get a better sense of self-awareness.

In 2011, he opened a sober living community in Palm Springs, CA called Ken Seeley Communities. In 2015, he started an Intensive Out-Patient program. These services make it possible for recovering addicts to get post-treatment service which may keep them from relapsing.

Since 1989 when he got sober to date, Ken Seeley has been actively involved both professionally and personally in intervention. He has found joy in touching the lives of people with addiction and their families in different ways. He is now certified as an interventionist professional, Master’s level case manager, addiction treatment counselor and addiction specialist.