Los Angeles Addiction Intervention

California has a reputation for being the hub of the West Coast; and unfortunately, a high rate of substance abuse occurs here as well. Family members would love nothing more than to see their loved ones free from addictions, but it may seem that nothing appears to work no matter how hard they try. There is an answer, however— a Los Angeles addiction intervention. Many LA drug intervention, LA alcohol intervention and other types of Los Angeles addiction intervention programs are available. Calling upon these trained professionals can help break down the barriers of addiction, preparing individuals to receive substance abuse treatment. In some cases, an intervention is the only option.

What Is an Interventionist's Role?

When addiction goes untreated, denial is one of its hallmarks. Many addicts justify and rationalize their behavioral choices, as well as the consequences resulting from them. They continue to feed their addictions despite the long-term effects on their bodies, lost social connections and lost relationships with family members. An interventionist can help break through this denial process. Families, friends and co-workers can engage with the addict with an interventionist's before "rock bottom" occurs.

What Is the Initial Consultation Like?

A point of contact is established between the person arranging the intervention and the interventionist. They'll explore the following points during the initial consultation:

  • What is the nature of the addict's dependency?
  • Who is influential in the addict's life?
  • Is there any created documented evidence of past episodes highlighting the addict's issues?
  • Is there current access to or existence of resources that would help the addict and his family reach the desired outcome?

We Are a Free Resource to Help People Find Intervention Services

Because there are many different types of Los Angeles addiction intervention centers, it isn't uncommon for families to feel uncertain about where to turn. It's critical to begin the process now, however, rather than delay the LA drug intervention, LA alcohol intervention or another type of Los Angeles addiction intervention. We are a free resource to help people find intervention services for families who are in need of these programs.