Scottsdale Addiction Intervention Services

One of the most effective means of bringing an addict into rehab is to hold an intervention. You may have worries because someone you love is exhibiting drastically different behavior as a result of substance abuse. You love him and it's torturous to watch him suffer and battle addiction. You might ask yourself, "What role can I play in getting him help?" You might even experience feelings of anger. You're tired of being lied to, used, and of supporting the addict. Intervention may be the best starting point for help.

What Is a Scottsdale Addiction Intervention?

Interventions involve counseling techniques through which an interventionist encourages an addict to undergo treatment in a rehab facility but is local in Scottsdale. Having a local Arizona interventionist involved lends not only credibility, but provides the family with an advocate for the loved one.  The intervention is guided and directed by the interventionist with the participation of the addict, friends, family members, co-workers and other loved ones who support the addict's recovery. Interventions typically happen because the addict refuses to go to rehab, is unwilling to hear appeals, and is in denial about his substance abuse.

How Does Intervention Differ From Treatments?

An intervention is a group meeting in which an addict is offered an opportunity to enter rehab. It's conducted through persuasion and encouragement by the addict's loved ones with the support of the interventionist. Actual treatment doesn't begin until the addict enters a rehabilitation facility. Interventions are not treatments.

When and How to Act

We are a free resource to help people find Scottsdale drug intervention and Scottsdale alcohol intervention services for their loved ones and friends. It might be your first instinct to hesitate when you learn of someone's addictive behavior and substance abuse. Some families may also have concerns about using confrontational measures. Scheduling an intervention as soon as possible is often the best option. While we work to find you the best intervention services in Scottsdale, approach your loved one with open arms.  Let them know that you are here to help them, and don't blame them for their addiction.